"One cannot demand of art that it pay you in any other way than in the satisfaction of the work itself."

Uta Hagen

"Get ready to work, focus, and learn to dig more deeply when you get an audition. Bob taught me to seek each clue and to not overlook any detail in a script, things I would have missed before. He teaches us to not overlook those nuanced moments, and gives specific ideas to grow authenticity. Bob has a way of pulling out a microscope to inspect what is in your script. He then coaches you through a performance, revealing your opportunities. The result for me has been an ability to seek those subtleties in scripts and create deeper connections to the characters and circumstances. That can be the difference between getting the part and missing the mark."

Ginger T. Rex

"Bottom line . . . since I've started studying with Bob, I'm working more than I ever have!"

Sarah Minnich

"I highly recommend Bob Jesser’s outstanding classes. Bob is a dedicated and passionate teacher who truly challenges and transforms his students— his classes are rigorous and demanding, but also fun, lively, and extremely rewarding. He brings a very welcome expectation of excellence and professionalism that one associates with the renowned studios of New York and Los Angeles. I’ve personally benefitted greatly from his teaching, and I’ve seen fellow students as well make quantum leaps in their craft. I intend to continue studying with Bob indefinitely, and recommend his studio unreservedly to any serious actor."

Morse Bicknell

“Bob’s class is the highlight of my week!"

Ginger T. Rex

“Whatever level of training you have, there’s nobody more engaged in helping you reach new levels, nor as enthusiastic and incisive in helping you explore a character (whether it be for a one-liner or a passion piece.)"

Brennan Foster

“In Bob’s on-camera classes of 4 to 6 actors, you receive the benefits of a private coaching session with one on one focus. You also learn while quietly observing others being coached. You must be willing to commit to the process and put in the hard work. I have adeptly learned about being authentic and honest in my portrayal of a character. I highly recommend Bob Jesser as an acting coach."

Monte Deer

"It's unfortunate Bob doesn't offer a lifetime acting coach rate, because I'd sign up yesterday. He's great at helping an actor get to the truth of a scene. He pushes you to be specific in your choices then pushes you to try new choices that expand your range. It's a tough class, but so is the business. Bob's critiques go far in preparing you for anything a Casting Director or Director throws at you. His focus on an actor's self-awareness has aided my growth tremendously. On top of all this, he gives invaluable acting business advice."

Manuel Rubio

"Your class is the first one I've taken where I've actually been asked to push myself out of my comfort zone (because it's one thing for a teacher to say that they will push you, but it's entirely different for them to actually do it) so I am incredibly appreciative of that."

Samantha Gordon

"Bob's class is an absolute treasure! He provides a safe place to WORK your craft at an extremely affordable price! His classes are small, so you get an ample amount of time with the teacher and he brings fantastic exercises, suggestions and personal 'on set' experiences to class. You will feel like you are studying with family rather than being a fly on the wall in a pricey workshop. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to grow as a serious actor!"

Cheyanne Boggus

"Bob's class is so great because it makes you a better person which in turn makes you a better actor. He's very in tune with realizing the individual "road blocks" you have, both physically and mentally, and once you realize that, you can start moving past them and make creative breakthroughs and bolder choices. He pushes you creatively and is very supportive at the same time. I'm so glad I've started studying with him."

Kelley Lewallen




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